In order to make each brand development solution project a success, ROMD first defines each client's needs, their current market position, and their goals and objectives for the future. By following this process, ROMD prides itself in providing its clients with relevant quality marketing and design tools that are innovative, captivating, and of the highest quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

1: understand
Clearly understanding and gaining agreement on our clients' needs, requirements and goals and communicating that understanding successfully greatly increases the ability of all parties involved to create an exciting, high quality, on time, and on budget brand solution! After accepting the terms of a ROMD proposal, the ROMD Team begins working closely with each client starting with a "KICKOFF" meeting to confirm and review the scope, scale, timeline and objectives of the project.

2: frame
Following the research and confirmation stage, the ROMD Team gets into high gear - brainstorming and developing exciting brand building concepts for the client that reflect the client's confirmed goals and objectives. Creatively, initial design concepts will be provided as agreed in the ROMD proposal that meet and/or exceed each client's goals and objectives in attracting, communicating and maintaining the interest of each client's target audience.

3: implement
The ROMD Team begins writing, editing, and implementing the general graphic design and editorial scripts confirmed by the client in stage 2. Upon completion of the client's brand development solution, the ROMD Team gets confirmation from each client that the brand development solution requested has been successfully completed to the effectiveness and quality standards of the client!

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